Westside Psychology Group

Westside Psych was founded by two psychologists, Drs. Natasha Black and Joseph Giardino, with postdoctoral training in psychodynamic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. Westside Psych provides exceptional long-term care to foster lasting and abiding personal growth.

Core values:

  • We believe in long-term change, not quick fixes
  • Therapy is the most important investment you can make
  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy is evidence-based

Presently, the mental health industry has moved increasingly toward quick-fix, symptom-relief approaches with poor long-term outcomes. 

Our goal is not simply to aid in symptom relief but to help individuals understand how symptoms formed in the first place and how they impact their lives.

Through therapy we will learn how you approach conflict, pursue relationships, and achieve your professional goals. We will identify self-limiting behaviors, past traumas, and underlying emotions.

Working together, we will find ways to deepen and enrich your life.