In-Person Therapy NYC

How do I find an in-person therapist in New York?

Finding the right fit for an individual therapist can be challenging. We are happy to set up a brief phone call to discuss your needs and concerns. You may even consider meeting with a few potential in-person therapists to find the right fit. This is not only common, but in most cases recommended.

Can you go to an in-person therapist just to talk?

Yes! Therapy is indeed known as the “talking cure.” This phrase was first coined in discovering that by speaking about your difficulties out loud, you can begin to observe your thought processes, connect them to your emotional states, and uncover conflicts about a range of issues. Talking is the main means of untangling emotional wounds, traumatic experiences, and anxieties past and present.

Can you tell too much?

Many believe that they will overburden their therapist or disclose too much. Therapy is highly confidential and one of the few places where you can truly say anything that comes to mind. In fact, the “fundamental rule” of therapy is to say whatever comes to mind without judging or censoring it.

Do I need a referral to see a therapist?

Generally, you do not need a referral to seek out psychotherapy. If you would like to obtain coverage through your insurance, please be sure to first check if you have out-of-network benefits for mental health services. Please visit our Policies page for more information on coverage.

Does insurance cover in-person therapy?

Health insurance will often cover a substantial portion of the cost for psychotherapy. At Westside Psych, we are out of network with insurance plans; however, we will assist you in completing the necessary paperwork to obtain coverage. For more information about insurance, please visit our Policies page.

Are in-person therapists worth the cost?

In-person therapy can be transformative. Patients often experience personality changes that help them interpersonally, romantically, and in their professional lives. Many find psychotherapy to be a worthwhile investment and one of the greatest contributors to improved quality of life, reduced mental health symptoms, and improvements in relationships.

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