Psychodynamic therapy NYC

Psychodynamic therapy is a depth psychotherapy derived from psychoanalysis–the first “talk therapy.” It aims to discover the root causes of one’s inner conflicts, underlying relational patterns, and ways of interacting with oneself and others.  Psychodynamic therapy is an insight-oriented approach that helps individuals to feel more deeply.

Who Can Psychodynamic Therapy Help?

Psychodynamic therapy can be helpful to most people. Some groups we treat at Westside Psych include:

  • Career Professionals
  • College and Graduate Students
  • Adolescents
  • LGBTQ+

What Can Psychodynamic Therapy Help With?

Psychodynamic therapy can help you:

  • Gain more out of experience
  • Develop new ways of relating
  • Ultimately gain relief from suffering

Psychodynamic therapy can help with a range of conditions and problems. Some of them are included below:

  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Relationship Issues
  • Trauma and Early Adverse Experiences
  • Career and Academic Issues

How Does Psychodynamic Therapy Work?

Psychodynamic therapy aims to help individuals to develop insight regarding how they pursue conflicts based on their past experiences and early development. This approach focuses on emotional development and helping individuals to track their different emotional states. 

Main areas of focus:

  1. Tracking emotions and developing words to describe them
  2. Understanding resistances and defenses that get in the way of emotional experiences
  3. Gaining perspective on how painful situations and conflicts are repeated in one’s life
  4. How early relationships and attachments inform one’s way of interacting with others
  5. Understanding self-defeating patterns and how to avoid them in the future
  6. Recognizing how relational patterns occur within the therapeutic relationship
  7. Exploring internal mental life, including dreams, daydreams, and fantasies

What Psychodynamic Therapy is Not

While you will experience improvements in symptoms, psychodynamic therapy is not a symptoms-based approach. That is, it does not aim to remove symptoms one by one by teaching you strategies or techniques. Instead, it aims to get at the root causes of issues for more lasting and abiding change. 

Indeed, research supports that psychodynamic therapy tends to have better long-term outcomes than symptoms-based approaches such as CBT. 

  1. Exploratory, not agenda-driven
  2. Root causes, not only symptoms
  3. Insight-oriented, not giving simple advice  
  4. Won’t tell you what to do

Why Psychodynamic Therapy Works

Psychodynamic therapy is evidence-based and has lasting long-term outcomes. Psychodynamic therapy has been found to have similar outcomes to CBT in terms of symptom reduction. An advantage of psychodynamic therapy over CBT is that these outcomes tend to last longer. With CBT, symptom reduction tends to decay sooner. 

Psychodynamic therapy has also been associated with lasting personality changes. Click here for more on the evidence. 

Looking For NYC Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in Upper West Side?

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“It is a joy to be hidden, and disaster not to be found.” – D. Winnicott